Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Red vs Blue state: Misinformation Between Cultures


Shootin' Straight Show w/ DMM aka S3x

Red vs Blue state: Misinformation Between Cultures

If you haven't lived in both Red and Blue states, your political and overall view of life may be one sided.  You must gather information from both sides to always find the truth.  Individuals who dismiss the Left entirely, are missing information that is critical (such as Black Lives Matter being relevant to Baltimore, MD) and vice versa can be said about individuals to dismiss all Right issues (like the Second Amendment and how it does have a purpose).

You must look at everything and come to a conclusion.  Somewhere in the middle, usually lies the answer.  Listening to only Right sided narratives is just as deadly as listening to only Left sided narratives.  A lot of information is lost during translation from one side, especially by mainstream media.

In this video, I explain the points with examples such as Criminal Justice Reform, the North Dakota Oil Pipeline, and Black Lives Matter.



June 24, 2017 Update

In the age of the internet, where all of the information of man is available in your pocket; we still have people that don't realize the following or willingly choose to not acknowledge it:

Deep Red States like Mississippi are broadcasted by Democrats in Blue States as to what will happen if you vote for anything other than Democratic Party.

Deep Blue States like Illinois are broadcasted by Republicans in Red States as to what will happen if you vote for anything other than the Republican Party.

Mostly people who never travel or possibly never even leave their town, fall for these tricks.

Republicans in Washington State (for example) are usually more like Rand Paul, but get treated and seen like they're John McCain.

Democrats in Mississippi (for example) are usually more like Bernie Sanders, but get treated and seen like Lyndon B. Johnson.

Every state is different and needs addressed completely different. We are essentially 50 different countries in the United States.

The South and "Bible Belt" have a NeoCon epidemic. The West Coast has a DemHawk epidemic.

I get so sick of people in Texas defending actual corrupt cops in places outside of their state. Just because your city has good officers doesn't mean that's the case, everywhere. I get so sick of people in Vermont defending high taxation in New York when it's only destroying the poor and causing more homelessness.

The system keeps oppressing all of us because of the average person's willful ignorance to not perform simple Google searches or traveling outside of their city/state. It's embarrassing as a country. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

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