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Your Existence is Not Defined by your Political Views by David Malekar

I'm to this day extremely baffled by the following:

> Deleting/Cutting out people from your life because of political views, especially when they have been friends/family for many years of your lives.

> Not wanting to openly discuss political topics and suppress such discussion when discussing these matters always gives greater insight to the other side or information on your own current beliefs.

My political and personal opinions always evolve with new information. That's how everyone should be with all things. They should also question everything they believe, themselves.

"My political and personal opinions always evolve with new information. That's how everyone should be with all things. They should also question everything they believe, themselves."
- David Malekar

Let's take a quick summary on my political path for context, then I'll go back into friendships and relationships.

I was told to be a Democrat growing up because I was poor. I didn't listen to politics as a kid because I didn't care about it. Kids don't have to, which is fine. I knew something was wrong, however; because nothing ever changed for the better in my life with the Democrats being in charge. They didn't help me like they always claimed they were doing.

I was told to be a Republican when I was 19 because that was the only other choice. Republicans weren't doing anything for anyone at that time either; they had people getting killed in the Middle East during the George W. Bush era.

Discovering on my own research Ron Paul and his recommendations; I found the Constitution Party and helped them get Chuck Baldwin on the ballot in my state in 2008. This was the first election cycle I could participate in and I finally got into politics. Constitution Party seemed to be happy being stagnant and not growing, so I went strictly independent. Became inactive politically for a couple years.

2012 comes along and Ron Paul mentions Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party. I look into them and became a member because their party platform matched up with nearly everything I believe in; and they had a very serious 50 state presence that the Constitution Party never seemed to have or work for. Election came and went, but stuck with them because they still kept advancing.

2016 and now I am an editor and journalist and know to look beyond just party line, but look at candidates individually. There are sometimes great candidates that run under all labels. Research is always needed and questions must always be asked. I'm still Libertarian Party member; but know to always look into things, ask questions and follow money trails, etc.

Is this not a reflection of science? As new information is gained, the old information is thrown out once it's proven wrong or obsolete? Shouldn't we evolve our own views with new information? In all aspects of our daily lives?

"Is this not a reflection of science? As new information is gained, the old information is thrown out once it's proven wrong or obsolete? Shouldn't we evolve our own views with new information? In all aspects of our daily lives?"
- David Malekar

Along those lines, why delete or remove people from your lives just because they disagree with you on political information? Why NOT talk about it? I learn so much from others by listening. I have shared years of happiness and memories with people who disagree with me politically. I would lay down my life for a lot of these people if they were in physical harms way in front of my own eyes. Every major election cycle, I lose friends because of these things. This year was the worst of them all because I took on a major Libertarian party role and became a journalist/editor heavily in my spare time. I've never deleted anyone from my personal life for being a Democrat, a Republican, a Nationalist, a Communist, or whatever.

I can't comprehend the behavior or mentality of removing people from your life for political beliefs. Getting rid of folks for personal attacks is a completely different story. Political beliefs are not personal attacks. There are people who think this and the mentality is dangerous, unrealistic and unhealthy.

Political beliefs do not define who you are, they are just an extension of you, like your job. Your job in itself doesn't define who you are. You wouldn't delete someone from your life for being in a job profession that you hate. Why politics?

"I can't comprehend the behavior or mentality of removing people from your life for political beliefs. Getting rid of folks for personal attacks is a completely different story. Political beliefs are not personal attacks. There are people who think this and the mentality is dangerous, unrealistic and unhealthy.

Political beliefs do not define who you are, they are just an extension of you, like your job. Your job in itself doesn't define who you are. You wouldn't delete someone from your life for being in a job profession that you hate. Why politics?"
- David Malekar

One or two Facebook or social media posts a day don't define who you are. Your political view doesn't define who you are. Your job doesn't define who you are. You define who you are.

I'm sick of people being so insecure or whatever the excuse is that they're removing people from their lives that care about them. All over something that doesn't even define their relationship with the person or the person's character. This is current year and there's no reason why we can't have an open discussion, agreeing or disagreeing; but still be able to have relationships and friendships with one another.

I have been told countless times that the person I am online is not an accurate reflection of who I am in the real world; and I agree. I use the Internet to spread information. I do much more than what you see here.

Those of you who don't know me outside of the political world, I'm a IT and Wireless Professional, Amateur Photographer and Web/Graphic Designer, Community Activist and Volunteer/Homelessness Advocate, Artist, Actor, MMA and Wrestling Announcer and Enthusiast, Weight Lifter, Karaoke Nut, Crisis/Suicide Prevention Counselor, Mental Health Awareness Advocate, Marketer and Sales, Retro and Modern Video Games both PC and Console/Arcade-Lightgun and Pinball, Seattle Seahawks-Baltimore Orioles-Washington Bullets (very old school, I know)-Pittsburgh Penguin fan, Car Enthusiast, Outdoor and Urban Explorer, (90sRock-Alt Rock-Grunge-FusionJazz-Later 80s to some current Gangsta/Rap/Hip-Hop, Techno-House-Trap, BluesGrass-OldSchoolCountry, 50s60s) Music Listener, Freestyle Dancer, Writer,  Murican-Italian-Mexican Food loving guy. I probably forgot a dozen other things.

Those things still don't even describe my personality or how I am with my friends, family and co-workers, strangers. I like to laugh and make others laugh; kid around and make others happy. I like to listen and give people a chance to be heard, to hug and break stereotypes. I like to teach, to help and repair things; both physically and mentally. My life experiences that could be talked about for hours, from childhood to now. Poverty, starvation, broken home, rising out of the ghetto by working hard against impossible odds. Having a lot of bad relationships and good ones; finding the love of my life. Owning my own business after working so hard to get to that point, then losing it years later and losing my wife to suicide. Going homeless and having nothing again. The struggles and hardships and corruption for years, abusive relationships and people. Moving over 3 thousand miles to give life another try and accomplishing a million things since the beginning. This is so condensed, it doesn't even cover 1% of it.

I hate that I have had to keep saying this throughout the year, but politics does not define who you are; and neither does a couple Facebook/Social Media posts. If you think they do, you have serious revisions to do within your own life. Nobody is worth losing that you care about, over this.

If your identity is entirely based upon collectivist politics, unplug and take control of your life; become your own self and define who you are on your own. Then realize this applies to everyone else, as well.

"If your identity is entirely based upon collectivist politics, unplug and take control of your life; become your own self and define who you are on your own. Then realize this applies to everyone else, as well."
- David Malekar
David Malekar is an Independent Associate Editor for The Liberty Chronicle Independent, Civil Rights Activist and various other causes.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Bitter Pill Libertarians must swallow to get Elected by David Malekar

The Bitter Pill Libertarians must swallow to get Elected:

Unless you are very rich and/or already are a known celebrity in your area of position you're running for (President - Nationally known, Governor - State Wide known, House of Reps - District Wide known), you're going to have a VERY hard time.

It's not that your messaging is wrong, Libertarians have a solid message to stand on. It's simply a matter to the average person of being "known." Good publicity, bad publicity, doesn't matter. What matters is that you're already known.

One way to do this is to just keep running over and over again for the same position. Works, but can take you 12 years before you're elected.


Start from the bottom and work your way up. City Council, local positions within your city, etc. You develop credibility and can demonstrate success. You gain attention. You climb the ladder.
 The average voter gets annoyed with libertarians because A) No idea who they are because they don't check up on politics but a few times a year B) Don't like that they don't have prior office experience

Would Bill Gates hire you as a CEO for Microsoft for being Libertarian, or because you were a Board Director for ExxonMobil? Trump is doing the same thing at this moment with his cabinet. He's hiring people with years of experience in their fields. We may not like the picks, but he's looking at it from a business perspective. This is the same way the voters are going to think. They need to already know who you are, or know that you have a proven track record. Let's keep growing up and learning, folks.
David Malekar is an Independent Associate Editor for The Liberty Chronicle Independent, Civil Rights Activist and various other causes.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Political Bigotry in Americas Workforce by David Malekar

There was a time, in the 40's and 50's America.

A time where talking about Communism or Socialism could cost you your job/career and have you Blacklisted from a lot of job places in society. 

I didn't agree with that, as it was a censorship of freedom of speech.

Fast Forward to Present Day.

It's currently a time where talking about Libertarianism, Conservatism, Small Government, or other "Right" ideologies cost you your job/career and Blacklist you in a lot of job places in society.

I don't agree with that, as it's a censorship of freedom of speech.

Why is it so difficult to be "in the middle" for the average person? For society?

If you live in a Blue state, you're going to have a great time if you're "Liberal." If you live in a Red state, you'll be doing well as a Republican. If you're Libertarian, you're accused of being one or the other depending on what crowd you're talking to. I'm really sick of it.

In 2007, I was threatened with Termination from my employment for being against the Iraq War and NSA Surveillance. Both of these topics today are socially acceptable. I was the top producer in our company at the time. How would this be a logical decision for the employer? There have been plenty of incidences since that time period. One should not have to live in fear of their employment for what personal beliefs they have.

What keeps the population from wanting to hear from all sides? Why does nobody ask "why?" Why does society willingly ignore what the reasons are behind someone's beliefs? Have they ever thought there's a reason why they have the conclusions that they do? How is it so difficult to find middle ground?

Wanting the following does not make you Republican:
> No Restrictions on any of the Bill of Rights
> Low Taxation
> Strong National Defense and Security
> Using All Affordable Energy
> Less and No Burdening Regulations
> Solid International Trade Deals
> Free Market
> Small Government

Wanting the following does not make you a Democrat:
> Civil Rights
> Criminal Justice Reform
> Ending the Military Industrial Complex
> Ending the Militarized Police State
> Helping the Poor/Homeless
> Ending the Drug War
> What to do with your own body
> Who to have a relationship with

There needs to be an end to Political Discrimination in the workplace and workforce. Your Political beliefs should have zero impact on your job as long as you're doing your job well. If someone refuses to work with you because of your political beliefs when you're capable of doing the job, that's Bigotry. This has run wild in this country and it has to end.

End this censorship and discrimination.
Be a leader and take a stand against Bigotry in the workplace.

David Malekar is an Independent Associate Editor for The Liberty Chronicle Independent, Civil Rights Activist and various other causes.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Discussing the 2016 Presidential Election - Taking Back Our Country Radio Show 11/14/2016

Discussing the 2016 Presidential Election

Taking Back Our Country Radio Show 11/14/2016

Hamilton Radio's "Taking Back Our Country" radio program had me on as a guest and speak about the 2016 Presidential election regarding Donald Trump and various other topics, including the Liberty Chronicle Independent (which I am an Independent Associate Editor with).

***All rights reserved to their respected owners***

Garden Alliance Advocacy Program - Taking Back Our Country Radio Show 11/21/2016

Garden Alliance Advocacy Program

Taking Back Our Country Radio Show 11/21/2016

Hamilton Radio's "Taking Back Our Country" radio program had me on as a guest and speak about the Garden Alliance Advocacy Program and other various topics.

Visit the Garden Alliance at

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Current National Meltdown: Green Party Being Hijacked by DNC and Clinton

Shootin' Straight Show w/ DMM aka S3x

Current National Meltdown: Green Party Being Hijacked by DNC and Clinton

The Green Party on a national scale is imploding and it's sad to watch.

Half of the people online (in subreddits /r/jillstein and /r/GreenParty for example) seem to be going Pro-Hillary and they are downvoting anyone who challenges the current election recount or criticism of Clinton and the Democratic Party.  This is a blatant and obvious infiltration of the Green Party.

I ask my Brothers and Sisters in the Green Party to stand up and FIGHT back!

The 2016 Vice Presidential candidate, Ajamu Baraka is calling this out and everyone should be listening to him:

The Democratic Party knows that the Green Party is the last stand against them, and they want to be the ONLY party that represents folks on the Left.  The Green Party has the potential to destroy the Democratic Party for good, and this is why they are trying to Trojan Horse their way in.  They know that if they destroy you, they will have the Left on complete lock-down.

If you ignore all of the Wikileaks, and nearly everything the "Right" has said to you about Clinton, the corruption of the Democratic Party and Clinton shows by Bernie Sanders getting screwed out of the Democratic Party's nomination for President of the United States, this year.  That's all the proof you need that these people can not be trusted.

They propped up a candidate that said minorities should be "brought to heel" and called them "super predators."  Clinton did not support Marriage Equality until 20+ years later in her political career.  She is a professional liar.  You do not need this in your party, Green.

Libertarians will stand with you and your fight to keep your party going, as we are all allies against the Duopoly.

*Update to article December 3rd, 2016*
When asked if the Libertarian Party could be vulnerable to this as well, Bob Barr comes to mind, who ran in 2008. There was a NeoCon attempt to take over the LP, then.

Libertarian Party of 2008 had a similar feel to Green Party of 2016, on the verge of a revolution and huge spark. Because of that, the Republican Party's NeoCons saw this and decided to try and kill the party from within.

My fear is, the Greens are not as resilient as Libertarians and may just allow it to happen. Unlike the LP that stood their ground and was able to bounce back for 2012 with (at the time) an on fire Gary Johnson.

Libertarian Party is too big now to get knocked out, but the Greens are still small (like the LP of 2008) and are AT HUGE RISK of getting destroyed.

December 1st, 2016

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Red vs Blue state: Misinformation Between Cultures

Shootin' Straight Show w/ DMM aka S3x

Red vs Blue state: Misinformation Between Cultures

If you haven't lived in both Red and Blue states, your political and overall view of life may be one sided.  You must gather information from both sides to always find the truth.  Individuals who dismiss the Left entirely, are missing information that is critical (such as Black Lives Matter being relevant to Baltimore, MD) and vice versa can be said about individuals to dismiss all Right issues (like the Second Amendment and how it does have a purpose).

You must look at everything and come to a conclusion.  Somewhere in the middle, usually lies the answer.  Listening to only Right sided narratives is just as deadly as listening to only Left sided narratives.  A lot of information is lost during translation from one side, especially by mainstream media.

In this video, I explain the points with examples such as Criminal Justice Reform, the North Dakota Oil Pipeline, and Black Lives Matter.

June 24, 2017 Update

In the age of the internet, where all of the information of man is available in your pocket; we still have people that don't realize the following or willingly choose to not acknowledge it:

Deep Red States like Mississippi are broadcasted by Democrats in Blue States as to what will happen if you vote for anything other than Democratic Party.

Deep Blue States like Illinois are broadcasted by Republicans in Red States as to what will happen if you vote for anything other than the Republican Party.

Mostly people who never travel or possibly never even leave their town, fall for these tricks.

Republicans in Washington State (for example) are usually more like Rand Paul, but get treated and seen like they're John McCain.

Democrats in Mississippi (for example) are usually more like Bernie Sanders, but get treated and seen like Lyndon B. Johnson.

Every state is different and needs addressed completely different. We are essentially 50 different countries in the United States.

The South and "Bible Belt" have a NeoCon epidemic. The West Coast has a DemHawk epidemic.

I get so sick of people in Texas defending actual corrupt cops in places outside of their state. Just because your city has good officers doesn't mean that's the case, everywhere. I get so sick of people in Vermont defending high taxation in New York when it's only destroying the poor and causing more homelessness.

The system keeps oppressing all of us because of the average person's willful ignorance to not perform simple Google searches or traveling outside of their city/state. It's embarrassing as a country. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

David Malekar's Unscripted Televised Speech at the WA State Libertarian Convention 4.9.2016
As Seen On TV (First 7:40 min.) David Malekar's unscripted speech from the Washington State Libertarian Convention 4.9.2016.

Addressing pressing issues on homelessness, national police militarization, the war on people and more. Follow the link above to view.

David Malekar is a civil rights activist, and independent journalist with over 15 years in the IT Industry. Originality from the greater D.C. area, he relocated to the greater Seattle Area in 2014 to further pursue Information Technology advancement and the cause for civil rights.

You may follow him at the following links below:

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Golden Gardens Park - Seattle, WA 3.27.2016 (Photography)

Photography by David Malekar.

Chism Beach Park - WA 3.29.2016 (Photography)

Photography by David Malekar.


Meydenbauer Beach Park - WA 3.29.2016 (Photography)

Photography by David Malekar.

Edmonds-Kingston Ferry - WA 4.1.2016 (Photography)

Photography by David Malekar.

Fremont Troll - WA 4.3.2016 (Photography)

Photography by David Malekar.

Gas Works Park - Seattle, WA 4.3.2016 (Photography)

Photography by David Malekar.

Friday, March 18, 2016

My late wife Kelly and Paranoid Schizophrenia

Post reprinted from the Paranoid Schizophrenia Awareness Facebook page located here. I authorize this reprint, being the original author.

Originally published on March 15, 2014:

David Malekar (left) with Kelly Ann Malekar (right)
My wife Kelly, we first met when we were young, like 14. We had met at the mall through mutual friends that we were hanging out with. Her paranoid schizophrenia was just developing at this time, so she was very antisocial. I had tried talking with her in our group of about 6 or 7, but she just shrugged me off. (I didn't know it at the time that she was schizophrenic; I just thought she didn't like me.) Oddly enough, I felt like I had met a soul mate that day (at 14 mind you, I wasn't actively trying to date anyone at that age really) and something went nuts inside of me, where I had that empty feeling that stayed with me for years. I was consumed by it, and that feeling was never filled no matter how hard I tried. I did a lot of crazy teenage boy things, trying to find love. Either being ‘friendzoned’ or turned down because "I was too nice," etc, I basically said, "Screw it, being a nice guy doesn't work, I'll just forget about dating and not even worry about getting a girlfriend for a long time." (I was almost 19, figured it was best to just focus on my life and figure that stuff out later. Plus, the fact that a girl who I had been actively, romantically talking to for about 3 or 4 months, ditched me completely to get with a 15 year old. A 17 year old girl, ditching an 18 year old nice guy with a job and stability for a 15 year old. You can imagine I was done.) Through that, I had posted a status up on my MySpace (We all still used it then) about how I needed a hug.

Well, someone said they would give me a hug. It was one of the girls I had added at random from the extensive search options that MySpace had. (MySpace was nice like that; that you were able to search for new friends with their extensive options to choose common interests, etc.) I remember that I added that girl because she looked familiar, couldn't point out from where though. We started talking because of my post, and from there just kept going. Daily chats over AIM, talking about things we liked, stuff we had gone through, just learning and growing with each other. We ended up talking for a couple months before finally agreeing to just hanging out already. Well, after the first day of hanging out, watching movies and whatever we wanted, I was floored. That feeling I had from those many years ago had returned, and I couldn't believe how much I was attracted to this woman, not just physically, but emotionally. The connection was unreal, indescribable. On that first day we hung out, we had stopped at one of the local Italian restaurants and it finally dawned on me that this was the same Kelly from all those years ago. I told her and she remembered. She briefly explained why she was acting that way and I kind of understood. She touched on the subject of schizophrenia. After we hung out for the first day, I knew this woman needed to be my girlfriend.

One problem, she was seeing a guy that she wanted to give a chance to, out of politeness. He worked with her and obviously had the chance to ask her first. At this time, the "good guy" nature of mine was pretty stagnant when it came to that sort of thing, where you back off because someone else is with the person. Kelly was special though, the kind of special that I knew I had never found before, the kind of special that was worth fighting for. The following day we spent together, and I knew inside of me that I was going to ask her to be with me today; to be my girlfriend. I forget where we were going, but it was in the car. She says to me, "David, you're such an amazing and sweet guy. I don't understand how you don't have a girlfriend?" "Yeah, me either," I said, thinking that now would be the perfect time to ask her. "I'm going to help you find a good girlfriend," she said, taking all momentum away from me in just a split second. I sank on the inside, and didn't say a word for probably a couple minutes. I had been ‘friendzoned’ by my own future wife. Irony, but it was funny to look back on later.

Later in the second day, we were eating at IHOP and I told her that I wanted to go to the park; she also thought it was a good idea. We go and about half way through the park, I stop and look at her hand. I point and say, "I want this." She hands me her wallet...

I look at her and say, "No, this," and take her hand. She doesn't seem to mind and we start walking hand in hand through the park for a few minutes. Eventually, we end up near a swinging bench and sit down. Our conversation had become a lot deeper at this point, where she was going on, in depth about her illness and how it affects her on a daily basis; how it's never going to go away. I accept this, and let her know that I'll be there for her for the rest of her days. I meant it, even at that moment, I made that commitment in my heart. At this point, I ask her if I can kiss her. Keep in mind, I'm almost 19 years old and have never kissed a woman on the lips, this would be the first time. I had been waiting for that to be given to a special someone. She was definitely deserving of being that special someone. She agreed, but she told me afterwards that she thought I meant on the cheek. Nope, I went straight for the money. She was surprised, but in a flustered and ecstatic way. After that, I asked her to be my girlfriend, and without hesitation, she said yes. About the other guy, she was seeing, she told me she just wanted to give him a chance out of being nice. She didn't want to hurt his feelings, and she was certainly the kind of woman that would never, under any circumstances, try to hurt someone’s feelings. This was a trait that she had, that she kept.

She had been in a relationship prior to that, which had lasted 7 years. That guy was horrible to her, and took advantage of her kind nature and heart, among other disgusting things that he did. She had a fragile heart as a result, but still a very big one. One of the largest hearts I’ve ever seen, even to this day. From that day on, we spent every day together. No matter what, even if it was just coming home to each other in the evening, we always were together. (Not counting the two trips she took with her Dad for vacations, but that was it.)

Our marriage was that of a fairy tale. Fights were extremely rare, and when they happened, lasted less than 5 minutes. We could never get mad at each other. She was so devoted to me, as I was to her. Anyone who knew us during our marriage could see how much we truly loved each other. We would enjoy watching things together, playing video games, and the simplest outings. One of her most common favorite things to do with me was grocery shopping. I always hated grocery shopping, but she always got a kick out of it. I honestly regret not being able to do more with her. It was wonderful being able to just be together, even if it was just spending the evening together at home. You know you truly have something special when all it takes is the company of another person, even without many words, and you’re happy. I worked hard to ensure we had a good home, usually working 50 to 60 hours a week. Since she was schizophrenic, work was a hard thing for her. She did have one job at the pizza shop in a grocery store a town over, and she loved it. She made one of the best pizzas I have ever had in my life. Sadly, despite being one of the best workers they had, she was let go after only a couple months. I didn’t mind though, but she missed it. Later, she helped me at my work, running errands that I couldn’t do while stuck at the shop. She loved being able to help.

Kelly was artistic, made beautiful drawings and paintings. She loved 90’s rock, alternative, grunge. She was big on reading, doing research and learning as much as she could. She was very intelligent; there was no doubt about it. Hardly anyone knows about all of the time she spent online in chat rooms of various web sites, counseling others, helping people with their problems and being a friend to so many that never even knew who she was. She never really revealed who she really was, but would openly talk about herself and her life to them, relating to them and helping others with mental illness, depression, life. She was an amazing woman, an amazing wife. She dedicated so much of herself to others; it was always about everyone else, making everyone else happy. Her laugh was one that would make everyone else around her laugh. I can still hear it, it’s immediately recognizable. It was one of her many unique traits that I loved. I had to spoil her almost always by pushing. She never wanted for anything, and I was always glad to get her something or do something for her. I was able to see on a daily basis, how much this woman contributed to the world, how much she cared for it, even when it didn’t care for her. It breaks my heart so much that she poured so much love into everyone she met, even the simplest encounters still were important to her. I could go on and on about how much she did; it’s because she was that way, her life was people.

People don’t realize how bad schizophrenia can get, how bad it can take over your life. Kelly fought hard every day with the battles she had. There were good days, and then there were bad days. She would hear large crowds of people mocking her, making fun of her. Delusions of seeing things sometimes that weren’t there. (Thankfully, not often) It was difficult for her, which shows how much stronger that she really was, the side most didn’t understand, nor could understand. Going out was a struggle, and every day she went out into the world was a battle, but a battle she fought hard and won by simply doing it. Those last couple months though, things spiraled out of control. The schizophrenia went into overdrive. Those last couple months, she was in and out of the hospital. It broke my heart, it was horrible. I hated seeing her suffer and I did everything that I could to council her every day. Things were tough in general; I had already had to close up my shop due to a horrible winter and lack of customers anymore. Nearly 5 years’ worth of work on my end had gone down the drain. The economy took a terrible turn in the year of 2010, so it wasn’t just me, it was everywhere. I was trying to scramble and find a replacement job; now being out of a shop that I had poured so many hours into. I was helping so many people and that was a result of my own failure as well. I gave so much and cut corners for too many. A large part of me honestly regrets it, as the saying goes, “no good deed goes unpunished.” Those close to me know how much for I did for others, and understand what I mean.

Kelly died March 15, 2011. She committed suicide. Our marriage was four and a half years. Four and a half years too short, too short. Her illness robbed her of her happiness and life. The first year that she was gone, I had little reason to want to wake up in the morning, to go on. I barely was able to do anything and reached out for support from my friends who helped me greatly. I am still here today because of them and through the help of God. Life wasn’t an easy one to being with for me. Coming from a broken home, childhood poverty and plenty of other obstacles; I fought hard to get ahead in life. Life had given me its worst hand at that point though, because nothing could compare to losing Kelly.

Kelly was everything to me, she was everything. I could go on about how the time after was a complete struggle as family complications happened, corruption, and evil occurred. It’s not worth the time right now though; it’s in God’s hands. I don’t mean to push my faith on anyone, I’m just letting you know that from my experience that I survived and endured since because of Jesus and the help of so many wonderful friends that I love. You don’t have to believe, it’s just what I’m telling you helped me, as there was plenty of impossible odds I overcame and pushed through.

It is three years later now, since she’s been gone, three very long years. I still miss her every day. I’ll never stop loving her, ever. The amount of love and joy she brought into the world, the selfless acts, the kindness, it’s immeasurable. I press on for her. There are many good things ahead I am working towards, doing my best that I can to hopefully make her proud. I know one day I will see her again. It’s a long ways off, but one day. I love you Kelly Ann Malekar.

This is why I am here for you all (those with schizophrenia). This is why I fight for you all. After Kelly passed, I truly understood how unappreciated, how neglected, how forgotten everyone is (with schizophrenia). It hurts me, and I care for you all deeply. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll never stop fighting for you guys. I’ll continue spreading the word until I’m blue in the face. Schizophrenia will be a household known subject, and there will be an understanding of it. Eventually, people will understand, eventually they’ll care. As long as someone stands up, it will never stop being heard.

- David

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Journalistic Writings of 2014/2015 by Independent Journalist and Civil Activist, David Malekar

Journalistic Writings by David Malekar in 2014/2015

Independent Journalist and Civil Activist, David Malekar

The following post is a summary of journalistic writings by David Malekar (Independent Journalist and Civil Activist) from 2014/2015.  This article is for archival purposes.

March 24th, 2014

Western Maryland's Great Mistake of Not Embracing Technology and the Industry.

"One could argue that anyone can travel to the larger cities to engage in employment with large firms, but why should they have to?  To put things into perspective, the average IT specialist salary is $43,000 [1]. Already, that salary alone is well above the median household income of $37,289 from the 2008-2012 Census [2]. One person already can make more, based off the national average; compared to the income of an entire household."
( link:

May 11th, 2014
Shawn Quinn - An Interview with the Libertarian Candidate for Maryland Governor

"Long term I would like to see all of our freedoms restored. I would like to see people able to live their lives without Government interference.  I would like to see our children all get a great education. I would love to see anyone who wants to run for an office, be able to do so without all the crappy rules the two party agenda has put in place to maintain their power and control. I think the only way this will ever happen is with a Libertarian Governor, a Libertarian Attorney General and Libertarians in the House and Senate to offset all the harm the two party agenda has done to us."
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May 13th, 2014
Gubernatorial Candidates' forum in Frederick, MD May 16, 2014

"The forum is free and open to the public.  
Libertarian Candidate, Shawn Quinn is confirmed for the appearance."
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David Malekar (left) with Shawn Quinn (right) at the
Maryland Gubernatorial candidate forum.

May 23rd, 2014
Video Coverage of the Maryland Gubernatorial Candidates' forum 5/16/2014
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May 26, 2014
Rod Pearson, Sr - Interview with the Candidate for Washington County Commissioner

"I would like to remind the voters in Washington County, that they will get the government that they deserve; because they will get the government that they vote for."
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David Malekar (left) with Professional Wrestler AJ Styles (right)
May 31st, 2014
AJ Styles Visits Williamsport's Time Warp Media

"Professional Wrestler, AJ Styles appeared at Time Warp Media on May 31, 2014 for autographs and photography with fans from all over the county."
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June 5th, 2014
3rd Annual Frederick Pride Festival, Free Event on June, 28th, 2014
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June 11th, 2014
Shawn Quinn Confirmed to Attend Baltimore Pride 2014
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June 12th, 2014
Early Voting in Maryland Primary from June 12th to June 19th, 2014
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October 28th, 2014
Lt. Governor Candidate Interview with Lorenzo Gaztanaga, Libertarian

"There’s a lot of education or reeducation that needs to happen before we can truly have a government of, by and for the people here in Maryland. People don’t know what district they live in or who their representatives are at any level. They are also pretty hazy on what the true purpose or mission of a government is. I expect my government to maintain the necessary infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply and sewers), ensure public safety, provide emergency services (fire, police and ambulance) and adjudicate disputes. That’s a lot to do right there. I believe that our state will thrive economically and culturally when government limits itself to these functions and works hard to fulfill them completely. I also believe that it will take some work to sell this vision of government to most people."
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November 2nd, 2014
Comptroller of Maryland Candidate Interview with Anjali Phukan, Write-In

"I want to make Maryland a safer and more secure place, free from hardships as the result of inefficient and wasteful spending – at the state and federal level. I also want to help re-create our middle class, while helping the “rich elite” recover from money addiction and the poor become employed in living wage jobs."
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November 3rd, 2014
Governor Candidate, Shawn Quinn Interviews Pre-Election Day for Maryland Citizens

"As I do this interview I am making a trip across Maryland. I did the eastern shore on Saturday. Tomorrow morning, we will go west and south. I have tried to meet as many people as possible. Although I did find it insulting and un-American being kept out of the debates considering that I have been on the ballot since January. I would think the citizens should be even more insulted.  Just more of the two party agenda controlling what they allow you to hear. If you think I have earned a chance to work for you, please step up and vote for me. I know how hard it is to do something new and untested. I have spent a life time doing it, and I have always landed on my feet. Most times it was grand, sometimes it was a lesson, every time it was worth it. This is supposed to be your government. I will see that it is yours once again. Power to the people, because it has to be about people." 
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April 29th, 2015

2014 Maryland Governor Candidate, Shawn Quinn Statement on Baltimore

"I would like to start by saying that my heart goes out to all the innocent citizens in Baltimore who are being affected by this state of unrest."