Monday, March 14, 2022

Witnessing is all that's left for me (A TL/DR of David Malekar - Article Still in Progress)

At the time I begin writing this, it's March 14th, 2022.  Tomorrow will officially be 11 years since my wife was on this Earth.  Last year, I wanted to write something about it, but the circumstances prevented me from properly writing what I wanted to, due to various problems with health that many still are affecting me.

I had realized that I to this day, have not made a proper attempt at a summary of my own life for people and it would be such a ridiculous size that I had always intended to write a book.  I kept waiting for things to calm down or be resolved before doing such a thing, as I wanted to give people a happy ending.  In this first round of existence, there is no "happy ending."

Considering my main target audience is males born after 1996 (Gen Z and Gen A after 2011), I realized that the minds of these young men have grown up in fast paced information environments.  Would they be willing to read a massive long book of a story or would it be better to break it up into increments for easier consumption?  That seems the better route to take now.

I have only a few goals left in life at this point, as I personally believe there is not much time left based on the course of events we have witnessed in our lifetime (Late Gen-X/Elder Millennials) going from a local community being the "World" to having a global social community through the internet becoming available in everyone's pocket; down to the most isolated tribes in Africa having at least one smart phone since 2017 and global internet coverage access via satellites.

Witnessing via accounting my life which is relevant to the audience, to know that in a hopeless World, there is a way out of this Matrix through Jesus Christ.  Reaching these people through means of similar interests through gaming, steaming shows/videos, and others.  I wish to be able to reach the ones who are forgotten by the World, the outcasts, the discarded.  Truly to utilize the tools of today to do what is called of in Matthew 24.

I've always been doing independent ministry in my own way through the interactions and work I do; encountering literally hundreds of thousands of individual people in my life from work, interests, etc.  With my health continuing to decline, it's now more pressing than before.  I plan on expanding this article further in the future with more references, links and information.  I will hopefully be able to write and/or have enough videos out to cover what I would like to cover from my life to have relevant information for people.

The Life TL/DR

Fashion before it's time in 2004

Birth to 18:

For the sake of time, here's the best summary I can provide of my life, while excluding vast amounts of context and details, to have information and context provided written properly as I can.

Grew up in extreme poverty, malnutrition, starvation.  A lot of mental/psychological abuse from the places I was in such as school through hateful people and being outcasted for not wanting to follow the "normal" and lose individuality.  I wasn't edgy, I was just physically not large, quiet, and didn't want to be what was pressed upon me by Teachers, Baby Boomers and Early Gen-X with social standards that made no sense.  I am on the spectrum and had to learn the hard way how to deal with people.

Grandma was the first "Mom" I had as my Mom and I lived with her and Grandpa until I was almost 7, as she died. Dad was abusive to Mom, alcoholic, cheater and left us when I was 12 around Christmas.  We lived with Dad after Mom died.  Mom was not mentally or physically ever in a position to help or raise me properly.  She had a boyfriend when I was around 14 that she was with until she died 17 years later.  He was an alcoholic, physically and mentally abusive to me; always stealing from me with what little I had (such as selling my one escape from reality, video games for vodka - games I had purchased with money my Grandpa left me and even wrecking the first car I had that was also left to me by my Grandpa after he passed).  I'm overcasting the events greatly here, but I assure you it was always something in regards to literal survival every single day without ceasing.  There never was a break due to all that was mentioned.  Were it not for Christ being my saviour and the comfort of the gift as a result of with the Holy Spirit, I wouldn't have made it a day past 7 years old.


I'll pick this up later as thousands of memories flood the front of your mind when going back to analyze the past, many that are put to rest with closure not by means of conventional "victory," but context learned by experience later and wisdom of, being applied to fill in the questions of "why?"  The even shorter TL/DR going forward would be I would go on to get married and gain a business, lose both, lose a second family via betrayal, become an IT Infrastructure Leader, accredited Journalist/Editor and lose everything I worked so hard for over the last 11 years all over again, including my health.  That will be filled in soon.

Update 4/28/2022

While I haven't been able to write more context since the intermission, I did want to provide some more recent context for how things are.  The following are a few clips from my Facebook since January 2022:




 I had sold nearly everything and unfortunately was only able to get about a third of what it's true value was.  It was not enough to invest back into the markets and they went up vs down as they were predicted to - so there was now way of recovery.

I recently made the following for a GoFundMe:

I'm David and I'm currently fighting against my own body for survival. I have medical issues that will continue most likely for the rest of my life that have disabled me from being able to take care of myself by normal means. Unfortunately, the disability process takes a long time and I am in need of immediate help for May to cover expenses for rent, food, phone, etc.
I originally was fired from a previous employer while on medical leave and was forced to live off existing funds, such as crypto that I had. After a few years and into October 2021 with disastrous market crashes, I have been depleted of what I had left. The health issues worsened since that time as well, and I am unable at this point to work traditional normal hours.
I am working on building up affiliation with Twitch as a "retro game" streamer as it is about the only option I have to be able to contribute a service back to people in exchange for compensation. I am able to do this for a few hours a day, but that's the most I can do without being in debilitating pain. Hopefully with the effort I will put in, I will be able to cover my basic expenses again by the end of May.
Because time is short for the rest of the month, I have made this out of emergency and need to have at least $1,183.35 (fees calculated with price) raised by end of day April 28th to be able to make rent payments in time with banking schedules. I am looking into making a Patreon and currently can take donations through PayPal as well. Thank you again for taking the time to read this, any help is appreciated either through donation or sharing this fundraiser.

Update 4/23/2022

I have begun streaming live on with hosting mostly "Retro" gaming content that has been updated to the modern era.  Recent examples are Battlefield 1942 (2002) with AI overhaul/texture graphics updates and Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour (2003) running in full screen 1080p my side, with additional .ini file edits and custom maps (such as having a large selection of 8 player maps vs before only have less than 5 to pick from in standard game).  Current goal is to reach Affiliate status and I have 12 followers as of this update.  I am reaching a lot of people across the World already.  Hopefully people will be able to enjoy this and I'll be able to provide them valuable information in future content.

Update 4/27/2022

Patreon is now live at and the Twitch is up to 32 followers today, with only 18 to go until Affiliate status is reached!

Update 10/10/2022

Completed a Documentary that covers a majority of 2006 to 2014 events.  It is about 12 and a half hours long with some chapters made for easier return viewing  You can view the film at the following link:

I also reference the film on my Twitter in the following linked thread:

You can follow him at the links below: