Journalistic Writings of 2016

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Journalistic Writings by David Malekar in 2016

The following post is a summary of journalistic writings by David Malekar (Independent Editor/Journalist and Civil Activist) from 2016.  This article is for archival purposes.
March 12th, 2016 
Introducing the Liberty Chronicle...
This is a national News / Journalism aggregation website for Independent / Libertarian platforms. This exciting new tool will be used to bring you all the information headlining nationally, direct, in your face. Independent / Libertarian journalists are HIGHLY encouraged to contribute to this news-site.
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March 13th, 2016
Statement from Michelle Darnell on Washington State's Non-Judicial Foreclosure and Repeal of DTA (Authorized Reprint)

Urgent Request by former Candidate Leo Wayne Dymowski (LP) / Kidney Transplant 

March 16th, 2016
Voluntaryist - An Interview with the Comic to challenge your thinking (Authorized Reprint) 
Snapshot of article's publication, day of on LCI website
"I have always been a fan of comics and general geekdom. I have collected Godzilla figures and movies since I was 5, dressed up in superhero outfits for comic book movie premiers, and have always watched the latest animated cartoons. During the Ron Paul campaign of 2012, I was excited to promote liberty and wanted to see how I could combine my interests in fantasy with my love for liberty. I began writing a movie script, but found it would be too expensive to make a decent production. I decided that I could reasonably make a comic book come to life with the advent of crowd-source fundraising, so I turned my movie thoughts into comic form and ran with an online campaign."

March 17th, 2016
MD Governor candidate Shawn Quinn (LP), gears up for 2018 election
"Setting a 44 year record in 2014 (source:, the Anti-Big Government and Anti-Drug War candidate looks to bring back liberty to the people of Maryland."

March 20th, 2016
Voluntaryist Comic strikes again, Prepares with Massive Campaign

Bernie Sanders appears in Seattle during Washington State Campaign Tour
Key Arena near capacity at the time this photo was taken,
about 15 minutes before Bernie appeared
 "... The message is simple, but addresses the issues that young and older people are having to deal with in their daily lives.  Corruption within the banking system, police accountability, the bleak future for Social Security and Medicare.  The Libertarian and Green Party need to embrace these issues with an iron fist, if they want to gain the support of these voters.  There is speculation of the DNC "screwing over" Bernie for Hillary.  If this is truly the case, then Third-Parties need to act fast.  Some compare this campaign to that of Ron Paul being "screwed over" by the RNC in 2012.  One thing is certain, the people want an "Anti-Establishment" candidate.  They will only continue to endure the controversy from the "Red" and "Blue" Parties, for so long.  It truly does appear that it will be the time for Third-Parties to shine, after this 2016 election.  Certainly if it's one without Mr. Sanders on the ticket, this November. "

March 23rd, 2016
Hillary Clinton Addresses the Greater Seattle Area Before WA Dem. Caucus
Snapshot of article's publication, day of on LCI website
"After the event, I spoke with a few attendees to get an idea of what they took away from the evening.  Generally, it was a positive reception from their point of view.  I pointed out that there was a lack of information toward police accountability and decriminalization of marijuana on the Federal level; both very hot issues right now with younger people.  The consensus seemed to be that Hillary only had so much time available to speak, and unable to address everything that are on voters minds.  One could not help but feel there was certainly much more that needed to be talked about."

March 27th, 2016
Lt. Governor Candidate for Washington State, Paul Addis (Libertarian) Interview
Paul Addis, Washington State's Libertarian
candidate for Lt. Governor in 2016
"My first objective would be to get to know each of the legislators, especially in the State Senate. One of the major roles of the Lt. Governor is to appoint members to various committees. I believe that, in order to do that effectively, I would need to build solid relationships with the members of the Senate to assist my decision making on those matters. Currently, the leaders in the largest caucuses send the Lt. Governor recommendations for appointment to these committees. As I’ve mentioned earlier, my decisions would be based on libertarian principles rather than party affiliation. Whereas the current Senate is made up of members from the Democratic and Republican parties, I would like to keep a fair balance from both sides of the aisle, but with an eye toward their history of voting and support for particular legislation. "

April 8th, 2016
48th District candidate for WA State Rep, Michelle Darnell (L) Interview

April 18th, 2016
State Senate, 41st District candidate for WA, Bryan Simonson (L) Interview
Bryan Simonson speaking at the LPWA 2016 Convention
"I've been interested in politics from a very early age, but for a long time I had such little faith in politicians that I tuned it out completely. Like many libertarians, that all changed for me when Ron Paul ran for president. For the first time in many years, I had a belief that, as rare as it was, there actually was such a thing as a principled politician. And not only that, his message was resonating strongly with so many people. I realized I had to get active again.

So I went to work volunteering for the Ron Paul campaign. I went out and caucused with Republicans, and I became a Ron Paul delegate."

April 26th, 2016
US Senate for WA candidate, Michael Luke (L) Interview
Michael Luke speaking at the LPWA Convention 4.9.2016
"There is now a whole new generation of young voters who could care less about
political parties, they don't care about the likes of Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan. These people care about issues, content, substance and resolve in their elected officials and so many elected officials from the two major parties are lacking in. These young people are not influenced by or fooled by hubris filled elites from older generations that simply self proclaim their credentials of authority just because they're old to maintain a dualistic group think status quo that only decays the future for the next generations. These young people communicate via the internet and social media which spreads information exponentially so it doesn't surprise me that there is a critical mass of people attracted to the Libertarian Party and not wasting time their efforts on the self serving impotence and apathy that rules the Republican and Democratic parties."

May 27th, 2016
Vice Presidential candidate Alicia Dearn Interview before Libertarian Party National Convention Vote 2016
"I have been a Libertarian all my life, but I didn’t become active in the party until late 2011. Since that time, I have worked on things mostly as a volunteer lawyer for different Libertarians and on ballot access. I also share Libertarian ideas widely in my professional writing and marketing – in my day job, I represent small businesses who are being crushed under the boot of big government and so my clients would benefit greatly from a Libertarian society..."

June 7th, 2016
Interview - Gregory Arianoff (L), candidate for State Rep in Hawaii Seeks Needed Tax Reform
Gregory Arianoff with
2012 / 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson
"The long term goals are to end State Income Tax for the citizens of Hawaii and to end the General Excise Tax. Having lived in States that do not have an Income Tax, I can see first hand the damages created by taking someone's hard earned monies. On the East side of the Big Island it would give families an average $4,300 raise to pay back debts, buy a new car, create a savings, pay their mortgage or whatever they would like to do with it. As far as the GET goes, you have to understand the nature of this tax, it is not just a simple tax, it is calculated from production to purchase and sale, this deeply hurts small businesses as they end up paying in some circumstances three times the tax rate! In the short term, it would be to introduce legislation that allows individuals to opt out of the tax system. It is morally wrong and unacceptable to force anything upon the people. The individual must be protected; so if an individual decides he doesn't want to pay taxes for education because he doesn't have kids, for example, then he must be able to opt out. By doing so he may no longer participate in the so-called benefits provided by the State. He should be given a choice - which is what we lack as everything is being forced upon us by a majority who have forgotten that we are a Republic and not a Democracy..."

June 21st, 2016
Logan Fleckenstein -L State Rep. Candidate for Michigan 60th Dist. Speaks on Medicare, Education and More
Logan Fleckenstein -L Michigan State Representative Candidate
"As someone who has had first hand experience with the special education system I must
say that the special education system is just as bad if not worse than the rest of the education system. The only reason I'm here today and was able to get the proper training to deal with Autism is because the teacher I had stood up to her bosses and did what was right in helping me deal with Autism.We need good successful teachers like her and an education system that encourages the sort of innovation that she brought to the table, which to this day is still light years ahead of the conventional methods..."

June 24th, 2016
Mark West -L US House District 1, Arkansas Candidate talks Unemployment, Criminal Justice Reform and More
Mark West
"...My District is primarily a farming district with a lot of small, family farmers trying to compete with the big corporate farming industry. This struggle highlights a major problem that I believe isn't specific to my district. The problem is corporate welfare. Now, this isn't found only in Federal funding being handed out to the big corporations in projects, funding, etc. but is also found in the legal advantages that big corporations have over small businesses because of the over-regulation of our economy.

Many individual entrepreneurs refuse to deal with the largess of regulation that is involved in starting a business and instead opt to work for a big corporation if they can find work or work in the black economy. We need to make a concerted effort on the Federal level to end the over-regulation and over-reach of the Federal government into small businesses that are killing job creation..."

June 28th, 2016
Brian Luke for Washington State's 2nd Congressional District lays it out in this Hard Hitting Interview
Brian Luke
"I would like to look at whether there is just compensation for those people affected by
unjust federal prosecutorial practices, reforming the sentencing and treatment of non-violent federal offenders, removing the federal prohibition of marijuana, and assuring due process is available for those people negatively affected by federal agencies. I still need to learn more about these issues and determine the best strategy for dealing with them. I will say that I am really impressed with how U.S. Senator Rand Paul has educated the public about criminal justice reform issues and has worked with his colleagues across the aisle to introduce legislation. If I were to be elected, I would definitely want to meet with him."

June 30th, 2016
Libertarian National Convention 2016 Mega-Post (Live Video Footage and Press Conferences)