Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Thoughts on People's Mindsets (Support of Big Government/Rulers, Group Think, Etc.) as of 6/20/2017 by David Malekar

If someone gives you advice on something they have already experienced, listen.

Apply Dr. Kent Hovind's theory about advice like eating a whole chicken. Take the meat and throw away the bones. Not everything will apply directly, use what is useful.

Many repeat mistakes that others warn them of, because they don't listen. When you are given words that make you uncomfortable and make you question things; your first response shouldn't be to resist, it should be to listen.

So many have been conditioned to think a certain way, that their first response is to reject rather than comprehend. The "easy way out" is usually the "easiest" answer and the default one.

So many of us feel so detached from society because we don't buy what society is selling. You're crazy to them, but at least you can think for yourself. If you know that you can change your positions after being presented with Evidence and Facts, congratulations; you're probably in the approximate 15% of the population that does. That's what makes you an individual and not a random NPC cashier you'd find in any video game, like so many in real life.

Stop rejecting ideas and facts that make you uncomfortable. Your first response should be to analyze, not retaliate. If your identity is based off of group think that's mainstream, you're not actually an individual. People who are like this are dependent on group think because it's terrifying for them to think for themselves.

Telling someone to be accountable for their own actions is common sense, right? Not if current year is 2017. "What does NBC or Huffington Post tell me to think, today?" is what they would say. If you think mind control has to be fancy to work, I give you nothing more than the Mainstream Media as an example as to how easy it really is.

A lot of people who match closely with "r selection" description are usually the ones to follow and depend on group think. They are in all political spectrums (left/center/right).
If you're r selected, you'll be offended by that:
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Quick thought on why people support Big Government. 

The Issues with calling Opponents Names without Merit

Blindly calling anyone that disagrees with you a Racist, undermines everyone in history that experienced actual Racism.

Actual Racists DO NOT have friends of color. I know first hand because they are extremely bigoted to me and are very hateful upon introduction. Growing up, these people would jump me in school, and later in life would do everything in their power to get away from me as quickly as possible. Ironic that this is what's currently happening to POC in Seattle, and it's not from the conservative/libertarian crowd.

I am growing very tired of not being able to have open dialogue with people here without being judged prematurely because I don’t automatically support Oppressive Government that takes money by force through taxation or Nanny-sits everything you do.

Between the Mainstream Media and hysteria that the Democratic Party created during the 2016 election and after, they have raised the West Coast "Left" to be Militants. Mob rule is in order and if you don’t fall in line, you are considered the enemy; even if you're brown. The Mainstream Media and corrupt Top-Two Party system has created such a divide that they took all of the attention off of them, and put it on us.

We are fighting each other instead of fighting Big, Oppressive Government. The Cronyist Bankers and DemHawks/NeoCons are laughing at us as we fight each other. It's been about 8 months since the election and this can't continue. I can't believe it has continued. If these people continue to buy the Mainstream Media garbage, Civil War will be inevitable.

That's exactly what they want because Government can step in and "save the day" and introduce more Surveillance, more Militarized Police State, more Oppressive Laws, more Tyranny. All because we are a bunch of dumb cattle that can't heard itself. At times, I don't blame the Global Elite for thinking the average person is an idiot that can't think for themselves and deserves to be enslaved through Tyranny and Taxation; because they act like they do.

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Editor in Chief for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; and publishes content to other online publications.

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